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Frochem company including Nanjing Frochem Tech Company and Frochem & Pharmaceutical Company is Pharmaceutical Holdings Investment Limited. Frochem Company, to fulfill its business philosophy to “Caring for health adherence to product innovation”, is actively engaged in business as an R&D-driven global Acitve Pharmaceutical Ingredients & intermediate chemicals’ company. Our Office and factory is located in National 863 Project Fluorine Chemical Industry Base, No.45,Qiuhu Road,  Yincheng City, Hubei Province, China  P.C: 432405.

Our factory ,covering an area of 20369m2, is an API and intermediate manufacture plant, including workshops,QC labs, R&D labs, office buildings,warehouses,living quarters and so on.

Frochem is building on the strengths of vertical integration in discovery research, process chemistry, API manufacturing. Frochem is a professional international manufacturer and supplier with Rosuvastatin  API, Pitavastatin API , Atorvastatin  API, and their all intermediates.

Frochem, research, develop, and provide high quality pharmaceuticals in the area of APIs, fine chemicals and new materials, is a professional manufacturer of statins and their intermediates. 

Frochem has complete equipment, advanced production process. The main production equipments achieve the advanced level of the same industry at home and abroad. The production process is in strict accordance with the quality control procedures. Quality assurance system ,according to cGMP,is established in raw materials, in-process products and finished products. To insure the quality of products, our company set up a new enterprise homely controlled standard priority to state legal standard which it based on. It also devotes to international standard and advanced foreign standard.

At Frochem, each stage in this long chain of process, including R&D, production, QA&QC, marketing is handled by teams of specialists who possess high-level expertise. Thanks to close collaboration between these teams, the entire product creation-and-delivery process is rendered efficient and controllable.
Our market is all over the world. Most of our products are exported such as Europe, South and North America, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, and so on. 

We will continue its persistent efforts to become a company that can meet the expectation of our customers,. We hope to receive your continued support.


Frochem company

Add: No.45,Qiuhu Road, National 863 Project Fluorine Chemical Industry Base, Yincheng City, Hubei Province, China
Tel:  0086 138 5188 5718 ; 0086 712 3616886;;
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